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Factory, the industrial style kitchen designed by Alessio Bassan for Key Cucine

Metallic surfaces, “vintage”  woods, stainless steel and precious marble: a combination of industrial-style ingredients stunningly transforms this kitchen designed by Alessio Bassan for Key Cucine. The result is elegance and class.

The innovative combination of so different materials reveals all its creative force, resulting in a kitchen that is up to the minute yet simple. The rough uneven texture and charm of “vintage” wood matches perfectly with the refined elegance of titanium colored metal finish. The rough uneven texture and charm of “vintage” wood covering the drawers’ front matches perfectly with the large black natural Emperador marble top and the refined elegance of titanium colored liquid metal finish. The handy enamelled mesh tray gives an original, industrial look. A touch of class and practicality is provided by the addition of a raised top, which can be used as a convenient storage. Functionality and ergonomics are absolutely essential: Factory features large spacious drawer units equipped with practical accessories, new-generation electrical appliances and a stainless steel sink featuring a number of optional elements. Optimising the distribution of interior space is the prerogative of storage units, which are rendered all the more elegant by specially designed solutions: tall unit with side-hinged opening, enriched with pull-out drawers, crystal or stainless steel shelves, sliding tops and LED light inside.

The effect is a kitchen area that can penetrate the living without interruption. Key Cucine is a registered trademark of Sbabo Cucine  s.r.l. Source: Key Cucine Read more news related Key Cucine published at Infurma Read more news related Alessio Bassan published at Infurma Visit the Key Cucine website
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