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Estudi{H}ac designs the bathroom collection Aro with Krion Solid Surface by Porcelanosa

During the celebration of the XXII International Exhibition of Global Architecture, at the premises of Porcelanosa Group, has been launched the bathroom collection ARO designed by Estudi{H}ac. A dynamic collection, and representative for Krion Bath among its new launches, with her Exhibition Space to present the collection.

With Aro, Estudi{H}ac premiered this year collaboration with other brand of the Group, the brand Krion Solid Surface.

ARO Collection stems from a deep interest in the creative process, which in turn leads to a highly modern idea rooted in a deeply historical and cultural context, speciafically through the juxtaposition of various themes, with wáter as the key element, together with inspiration from the tea rituals in Japanese culture.

The search for subtle, natural and clear forms has le dto creation of a container-based design concept, base don the shape of the porcelain bowls used in Japanese Tea ceremonias.

The Exhibition Space has been conceptualized under the image in the form of plant collection. Its half circle shaped element is taken as distributor space, creating distinct but partially connected areas where all the pieces that compose the collection.

To generate volumes of walls and partitions between environments are designed as trusses with Krion inspired by the texture of Japanese bamboo poles honoring the inspiring collection point, the cult Japanese tea ceremony.

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