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E1+E4 presents DISK36 designed by Luca Valota. A playful piece of furniture inspired by game Connect 4

Suppose you are having dinner with some friends, in a joyous atmosphere and willingness to play going back in time: DISK36 designed by Luca Valota for E1+E4 was created with this purpose. Inspired by Connect 4, an abstract board game, invented and produced by Milton Bradley in 1974, DISK36 is more than a piece of furniture: it is an always changing object, able to encourage every person around it to interact. As in the game created by Bradley, the goal is to connect four discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally before the other player. The quotation is also evident in the vivid colors employed, red and blue, which remind of the iconic colors typical of the Seventies. Moreover, the effect produced by the particular varnishing is comparable to the material of the shell of Connect 4. The game is made possible by the presence of 36 discs hooked to the doors by an internal rolling mechanism: each disc is leaned from the back of the door and released by turning clockwise. As a result, it is possible to challenge friends and relatives, or simply to place the discs according to the mood of the day, creating always different compositions. Furthermore, the spaces can be filled, increasing the functional capacity of the structure. The legs of DISK36, in polished stainless steel, hold the weight without appearing too noticeable, as if the piece of furniture was floating in space. The supporting structure as well as the discs were manufactured in wood. Thus, DISK36 is an ornamental, interactive and changing element: this storage unit is never the same, it becomes an accessory that makes the difference in the interior design of the entire house. The new piece of furniture by E1+E4 is ideal for a dynamic and ironic person, who faces life with cheerfulness and creativity. E1E4 was born within BMA, an Italian company with a solid experience in the domain of furniture which distributes its products all over the world, thanks to the work of skillful artisans and an efficient logistical network. The E1+E4 team is composed of experts in the field who find inspiration in everyday life with the mission of spotting aesthetical changes and translating them into unique objects. Technical expertise, research, experimentation and particular aesthetic care: these are the values in which E1+E4 believes and through which it addresses an international and exclusive market, designing unique, customised, collectable furniture. Furthermore, E1+E4 uses high quality materials only, treated by skillful artisans: thus, the production is not serial but every object is manufactured in the right amount of time. Information by courtesy of E1+E4 Visit the E1+E4 website
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