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Dsignio studio designs three-dimensional wall covering Core for Harmony-Peronda

The wall covering Core has been designed by DSIGNIO to Harmony-Peronda.  Each piece of this wall covering system represents a heart, an individual, a human being.

  Our personality is built on some superficial aspects, but also others which are deeper and intimate. The sum of it all makes us what we are. CORE represents these different levels of personality through each piece and its parts, from the striking ones to the ones that hide, reflecting the light or casting their shadow.

CORE allows you to create dozens of compositions, combining in different ways as if it were different individuals getting to know each other. It is a symbolism, a representation of putting a team together, the effort generated of human interacting to create amazing works. One single piece, just one heart, does not have the same force and impact as various figures or souls united to achieve higher goals. From this union, the singularity and richness of compositions of CORE is born, and there is where its real appeal as wall covering lie.

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