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Dsignio studio creates the wall covering collection Gen for Peronda. Modular geometry

Castellon based company Peronda asked DSIGNIO studio to design a new collection of wall covering for its brand Harmony, which is commercialized in more than sixty countries, showing its own style and personality. The designers have been totally free during the process of creation. The only condition was that the final design should be a concept quite different from the other collections of its own firm or from those of the competing companies. DSIGNIO tried hard to develop a modular system whose geometry allowed to make up several patterns with a minimum of elements, something similar to what nature does with its genes, which combine to create different genomes and different species. The result is GEN, which is more than a piece of wall covering. It is a way of covering walls, offering a great variety of shapes. Dozens of combinations offer amazing visual games, with lights and shades.
Dsignio - Patxi Cotarelo & Alberto Bejerano

Dsignio - Patxi Cotarelo & Alberto Bejerano

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