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Dsignio Studio creates River Stone, the marble washbasin introduced by Peronda at Cersaie

Goah, which is dedicated to bath products and belongs to Peronda Cerámicas company, has presented at recently closed Cersaie show in Bologna, the new River Stone washbasin, designed by Madrid based studio, Dsignio. Dsignio explains, Goah, which is dedicated to bath products and belongs to Peronda ceramic company, commissioned us the design of a new marble sink. The starting point was open and they gave us a lot of freedom, but we had to bear in mind that the sink could be sold in sixty countries with different cultures, and this pushed us to find a common link to all of them. Nature is a bond we all share, and, therefore, to design this project we have relied on the natural relationship between water and river stones. This is a very special relationship because, over the years, both have been shaping each other, and they are adapting and changing to evolve together. The round shapes caused by erosion made ​​us think about a sink like a stone worn out by streams of water, and with a form as organic and enjoyable as river stones. The tradition of placing stones on each other as a signal inspired us to create a countertop of the same material, with a base that accompanies and supports the sink forming a high entity set. Following the same idea, we designed a rounded and asymmetrical mirror, a third stone that reinforces and completes the group. The sensations and memories that come to our mind looking at the soft forms of the washbasin, listening to the sounds of water and, above all, touching the rounded stone transport us to natural and relaxing environments, and it makes us feel that we are in the river where they were created. Source: Dsignio Read more news related Dsignio published at Infurma Visit the Dsignio website
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