Dressing stainless steel of Mina faucets with reused glass details: it is REvitrum, an expression of industrial craftsmanship

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A second life with a second chance. The chance is given to reused molded glass slabs which have been restored by an artisanal manufactoring process, moreover it modifies them in order to support all shapes of stainless steel spouts offered by Mina. Glass and stainless steel collide becoming matter which starts to take shape: a custom-made production meant to enrich space with vintage details of industrial taste, always keeping elegance and accuracy of Mina mood. 
Those stories deal with raw materials which meet and do not elude traces of the past, but they recover creating exclusive products. It is one of a kind like everybody’s story. A document tells a little bit where glasses come from. 
The fascinating idea to match materials and stories is becoming the chance for MINA to say something more: the artisanal experience combined with the manufactoring process strenght can have an eco-friendly soul. The practice of design reuse is not a disadvantage but an asset, in fact eco-friendly beauty is worth more. That is why linking stainless steel, 100% ricyclable, to reused material as the molded glass: that may come from glassmakers, slabs out of production, but also a broken glass of a door with a retrò taste. 
A way to point out the company responsibility with environment one more time and all of us we can contribute to economic growth. 
Source: Mina 
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