Doshi Levien is inpired by tailor-made suits to design the Modernista Collection for Moroso

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The partnership between Anglo-Indian duo Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien (Doshi Levien) and Italian company Moroso continue, and present the “Modernista” family. This new project draws its inspiration from men's tailor-made suits: gracefully stitched garments with a sophisticated taste in materials and details. 
A collection comprising two-and three-seat sofas, an armchair, a bench and low tables, Modernista adheres strictly to the geometrical structure of the rectangle, within which it is possible to explore light shapes and precise proportions. 
The lightly padded sofa and armchair gain added refinement with the use of buttons that create a tufted effect, for a subtle, elegant look. 
A series of refined items with a classical feel, designed to offer a discreet elegance without compromising on attention to detail. 
Source: Moroso 
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