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Dodo bassinet black edition by Suommo. Luxury for babies. Dazzling beauty

The Black Edition of luxury bassinet Dodo by Suommo is simply impossible to take eyes from it. Black invades everything in Dodo Black Edition, creating unprecedented beauty. The splendour emanating from its harmonious shapes is simply breathtaking. Dodo Black Edition designed by Ximo Talamantes: eye-catching from the start. Beautiful dreams, the ones that make you sleep placidly at night and wake up with your best smile, do not happen by chance. You have to create those dreams, and create them the same way you create the best things in life. With care, tenderness and love for details. With the quality that only the best hands and the finest materials can provide. Inspired in your dreams a unique piece of art is born then, a result of patience and time. This is how beautiful dreams are created. And Dodo is the place where all the beautiful dreams meet. Dodo bassinets are only available in limited editions in black, white, silver, gold, rosé gold and solid gold. Source: Suommo Visit the Suommo website
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