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DNA by GandiaBlasco, a collection inspired by light and shade cast by Mediterranean shutters

I’ve always been attracted to the patterns of light and shade cast by Mediterranean shutters and with the works of some of the eastern architects who work with timber laths and bamboo cane. DNA is an outdoor furniture collection that reinterprets the essence of these horizontal geometries.José A. Gandía-Blasco. The light of the Mediterranean has served as inspiration and giver of life since time immemorial: a reason for enjoying life outdoors. DNA recoups the Mediterranean sun’s attenuated reflection that evokes a decorative rawness through its laminated aluminium structure. DNA is an outdoor furniture collection inspired by a subtle game of the light and shade modulations typical of the Mediterranean and a eulogy to the aesthetic of the shadow as understood in traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture: the positive and the negative free from any superfluous ornament. Manufactured using an anodized or powder coated aluminium profile, available in anodized finish or range of colours; white, sand, bronze and anthracite which support the seating and back rests of polyurethane foam upholstered with water-proof fabric. An elegant and compelling collection of outdoor furniture that integrates with its environment, from private gardens to large scale Contract applications. DNA is an outdoor furniture design by José A. Gandía-Blasco for GANDIABLASCO. Source: GandiaBlasco Read more news related GandiaBlasco published at Infurma
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