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Designer Malcew is inspired by tree houses to create modular break out furniture pieces

Inspired in the structure of a typical tree house, designer and architect Singapore based, Dymitr Malcew designed a modular furniture system for contemplation and focus, created for a co-working office space. Consists in flexible pieces that can be joined together or positioned separately depending on the need and task, offering a variety of different arrangements, with large cushions that can be pulled out and positioned around the room. The modular pieces can be joined together to create a meeting room or positioned separately to create a semi-private place where one can work undisturbed. The white oak finish further enhances their natural aesthetic, with the ‘houses’ themselves acting as space dividers, marking different neighborhoods within the high-ceiling office plan. This break out furniture was designed specifically for a co-working office space in an old warehouse in Singapore. Information and images courtesy of Malcew Visit the Dymitr Malcew website
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