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Design Studio, Noviembre, looking for manufacturer at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

“Established” is the new proposal launched by the Stockholm Furniture & Northern Light Fair  (February 9-13) aiming to provide a marketplace for designers-producers to meet with manufacturing companies. This is an exhibition space offered to ten design studios from all over the globe in order to display in-house manufactured products and to showcase their own style without any backing from big manufacturers. Madrid-born Susana Sancho and Vicente Porres, Noviembre Studio founders, have just arrived to this “ground-breaking initiative”. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world’s biggest meeting point for Northern and Scandinavian design, displaying an outstanding selection of exhibitors. “The Northern market is, by nature, reluctant to international designers. There are so many great designers that, until now, it has been very hard to showcase our work in this trade show”, says Susana Sancho, designer at Noviembre Studio. “’Established’ is a new proposal aiming to boost the production of small size collections and to diversify the offer within this trade show. With this in mind, they have created this exclusive space where both Northern and international designers and manufacturers establish new business relations”. Noviembre Studio is presenting five of their most iconic products, having Columns, a bookshelf made of 3D printed parts where decoration is paramount, in the spotlight. In addition to this, the Cret-Cret chairs and tables family, giving all their aesthetic prominence to the end user, the Little Friend children chairs, where they can learn to share by means of the design and build, the Nori iPad cushions or the Angle Pot flowerpots. Columns, additive-free, plain decor In product design, structure comes first and then you add decorations to it, as in the classic motto “Form follows function”. However, Columns is a reverse to this methodology. It is a bookshelf where the decorative elements are the structural support of the product and the end user taste is the most important element of its style and design. By fitting four different pieces inserted on a metallic structure, the different shelves are laid out as if it were a 3D puzzle. The different pieces, extruded by 3D printing, are completely customizable both in design and layout. Cret-cret, the customizable products Cret-Cret  is a family of chairs and tables designed to give all their aesthetic prominence to the end user. An ash wood structure bears a top piece which serves as a surface, and thanks to its design, this piece can be customized and exchanged by others of identical measurements in different materials such as concrete or glass, just to name a few. Little Friend. There’s always room for one more This is the concept that inspired the design of this children’s chair to, on the one hand, serve its more basic purpose -that is, seating- and, on the other hand, to be a funny game with which youngsters learn the value of sharing. This idea brought about the concept for Little Friend, a chair set that can be made into a bench where a third person can sit by joining the two chairs using the extra bars on their backrests. With Little Friend, children get involved in the building process of a chair, exploring the different possibilities and interacting with the product. Nori Pad, your iPad cushion Comfortable round or square cushions, both decorative and practical, made of Japanese cotton where a wooden tray is easily fit together to make the use of new technologies easier. These cushions are optimal to give your home a friendly touch and, at the same time to have an iPad stand or a tray to have breakfast served in bed. Angle Pot, the living flowerpot A flowerpot made of china and designed in acute angles where there is an interaction between flowerpot and cover, emulating a changing sculpture as the plant grows. Noviembre Studio was founded in 2008 by Susana Sancho, Fine Arts graduate, and Vicente Porres, industrial designer. It is a design studio specializing in product and interior design. Their projects are always looking for the direct interaction with the end user, providing functions that let them choose, modify or decide the design and results of their products. Likewise, their products always try to comply with a double function, they are suit for every taste, and they evolve along their life cycle. Noviembre Studio are known for mixing artisanship, creativity and innovation to reinvent the tradition and, thus, to create new products whose reuse and quality are there for the user every day. These qualities have been a solid reason backing many of the awards obtained along their career both in Spain and abroad. Source: Noviembre Studio Visit the Noviembre Studio website
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