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Cupcake sofa collection of Bretz, designed by Carolin Fieber

German design company Bretz shows the new seating collection Cupcake, totally customizable. With a hard bowl and a soft core, its cuddly seat and back cushions are enveloped by a solid rounded frame. Since the armrest is the backrest at the same time, Cupcake can either be seated on in a communication half-circle or counterpart.   No matter if you want to relax alone, experience excitement as two,have fun together with the whole family, discuss with friends or have a talk with your business partners- CUPCAKE enchants smaller and bigger locations with its sweet charm.     Cupcake have a multiple possibilities, with a great range of finishes, you can choose fabric, leather and a lot of differents colours in order to create the Cupcake agree with your environment.   Designed by Carolin Fieber.      
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