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Cuna and Lariana, the new bathtubs designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

The range of Agape products is a great project that changes, constantly refreshes and enriches itself with new proposals. Two new products (Lariana, Cuna), result of long-term collaboration with Patricia Urquiola, feature skillful use of materials and production processes, while extending the already important range of bathtubs with dimensions of high flexibility.

Cuna Design Patricia Urquiola The project is the result of a thorough knowledge of materials and production processes. Cuna features thermoformed Solid Surface and tubular steel structure. This small and compact bathtub proudly displays its structure emphasizing its delicately rounded shapes. Cuna is available in different combinations of external surfaces and structure finishings.

Lariana Design Patricia Urquiola A project based on clever use of materials and manufacturing processes that extends Agape’s range with a relatively small product designed with great versatility in mind. The Lariana bathtub, an exquisite geographical reference to Lake Como, clearly displays the structural lightness of its twin shell made of white Cristalplant® to emphasise its modern, linear forms in a revamping of the distinctive structures and features of early 20th-century bathtubs.

Flexibility, customization, and timeless design characterize the experiments and numerous novelties by Agape for 2015, which explores some new directions that will guide its catalog in the nearest future. Source: Agape Read more news related Agape published at Infurma Read more news related Patricia Urquiola published at Infurma Visit the Agape website Visit the Patricia Urquiola website
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