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Cron, the lightness and functionality of a managerial armchair. Designed by Alegre Industrial Studio for Actiu

Designed by Alegre Industrial Studio for Actiu, Cron combines the purity of a managerial armchair with the qualities of an operative chair.

Fashions change, offices evolve and management teams are different. Cron is the result of a rigorous analysis of new working environments and managerial needs of businesses and organisations. Places where the hierarchies are set horizontally, the environments are open, shared and dynamic. In these spaces, the new managers form part of the team, they are accessible and close as a collaborator. Thinking about this, Alegre Industrial Studio developed a new armchair for Actiu which meets these demands and abilities of these profiles. Made with innovative and the latest technology materials "Cron combines the quality of a managerial armchair, imposing and sleek, with an aspect of functional inspiration, comfort, light and dynamic" ́explained Marcelo Alegre. "́For its conception we started with the classical style of managerial armchairs and took it to its extreme, to operative and practical chairs. The results are three models which adapt themselves to the different needs of executives, middle management and seats for meeting rooms, conferences and multi-purpose rooms." ́explained the designer.

The elegance and nobility that requires every executive chair comes from its cast aluminium frame that gives stability and refinement. This aluminium skeleton assembled on a new advanced auto-weight syncro system, serves as a link and configures the arms. The upholstery is one of the landmarks of Cron. It is carried out with an advanced heat fusion process, with outstanding attention to details including the decorative seams obtaining a high formal cleanliness and great ergonomic comfort. With four back positions, Cron stands out for all the technical specifications of a functional, effective and light chair, made with first quality materials and the highest ergonomics. Cron stands out for meeting all the required technical specifications of a office chair, efficient and light, manufactured from top quality materials and only the best ergonomic features.

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