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Colouricious: Stua presents the new colors palette for the Globus chair

STUA reinvents the Globus chair introducing its new collection of colors. A selection of colors conceived to discover the joy of mixing them. Coloriciuos, adjective meaning "Extremely enjoyable due to the use of colors" is the leitmotiv of its new palette. The basis of the collection is a pastel palette with the touch of some vibrant colors. These new range blends harmoniously, so that different chairs can be mixed around one table, a very contemporary trend. The Globus chair is a design by Jesús Gasca. The original shapes of the seat and the back make Globus chair fresh & light. The curved shapes welcome the user, providing a hugging comfort while seating. Made of polypropylene with tubular stainless steel frame and hand polished in a matte finish, this version is extremely durable chair suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor. THE 10 NEW COLORS: White, stone, pale pink, orange, red, turquoise, moss, taupe, brown and black. Source: Stua Photos: Javier Guerrero Read more news related Stua published at Infurma Visit the Stua website
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