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Collection [+2016], B&V’s new catalogue designed under the artistic direction of edeestudio

Collection [+2016] is B&V’s new catalogue available online at our website. edeestudio leads the artistic direction of the publication featuring the 14 collections that the brand offers and manufactures. Designer furniture: sofas, armchairs, sectionals, coffee tables and side tables handmade by master craftsmen that equip relaxation and conversation spaces in residential and public places. The idea behind Collection [+2016] is for the reader to discover and understand the creation process of the pieces of furniture. "It is a warm catalogue, where we wanted to tell the story and experience behind every piece of furniture made, from the original idea of the designer, his first sketches until the finished product. We wanted to humanize the productive process to show the care and passion put in each piece, in an exclusive and elegant manner", states Eduardo Alcón, designer of edeestudio together with Esther Albert. To emphasize this, stages that highlight the furniture with a chromatic made-to-measure setting and props that accompany them have been set. "B&V is fed with craftsmanship, from their origins with the use of rattan, selection of the fabrics and threads they go working more than 25 years. The company has introduced innovation and design to their production without forgetting their roots. It is important to show these values graphically, like the environment that surrounds the factory, fields of olive trees and vitis. We wanted to show all that, by using the wooden crates and the props details of raw materials and rattan", says Alcón. "Also - the designer adds - the inclusion of origami pieces, an art of Japanese origins that believes sculptures with paper is a nod to the crafts, in similarity to what they do with the fabrics”, he concludes. The care of the details is also one of B&V’s characteristics, both in the design and in the finishes. "This new collection supposes an improvement in each of the designs with special attention to their finishes. To transmit it, the catalogue shows the details that make every furniture significant and unique, with close and intimate photos", the designer points out. Source: edeestudio Read more news related B&V Tapizados published at Infurma Read more news related edeestudio published at Infurma Visit the B&V Tapizados website Visit the B&V Tapizados sheet at Infurma
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