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Ciclotte Tonino Lamborghini and Ciclotte Swarovski, the new special editions of the renowned exercise bike

For the 2014 edition of the Salone del Mobile, Ciclotte introduced two important news: the version in red dedicated to the famous lifestyle brand “Tonino Lamborghini” and the line of Ciclotte made with Swarovski Gemstones or Swarovski Zirconia, from the famous expert in the precision cutting of genuine gemstones and created stones. Design and Technology: Ciclotte Tonino Lamborghini Ciclotte announces the launch of the red ‘Tonino Lamborghini Ciclotte’, a new special edition of the renowned exercise bike, a passionate, inventive and elegant design object. The creative spirit, the passion for design and the technology which characterize the Tonino Lamborghini brand have inspired the new Ciclotte Tonino Lamborghini, featuring the iconic “bull” symbol and the brand colors and shield. The Tonino Lamborghini Ciclotte is characterized by:
  • Carbon and steel frame
  • Carbon fiber adjustable handlebar
  • Display and handlebar grip-bands in red color
Tonino Lamborghini incarnates the power of the ‘Made in Italy’ style worldwide. Drawing inspiration from his previous professional experiences in the fields of engineering and design, he extends the concept of luxury to products capable of evoking a world based on technology and innovation that expresses the ‘Puro Talento Italiano’. The vision of the Group is, in fact, to export in the world the passion and the spirit of Italian culture with unique and distinctive products, inspired by the world of mechanics and sports cars. The Ciclotte Tonino Lamborghini will be distributed worldwide in the most exclusive concept stores, design furniture showrooms and luxury fitness centers. ‘Ciclotte made with Swarovski Gemstones and Ciclotte made with Swarovski Zirconia’ This is the special edition of the renowned exercise bike featuring the Swarovski Gemstones and Swarovski Zirconia from the famous expert in the precision cutting of genuine gemstones and created stones. . The versions with Swarovski Gemstones are available in white, red and black carbon color, while the version with Swarovski Zirconia is available in black carbon color. Information & images by courtesy of Ciclotte Photographer: Ezio Manciucca Designer: Luca Schieppati Visit the Ciclotte website
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