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Child Lottus XS collection, ENEA’s proposal for kids

ENEA’s child Lottus XS collections a design developed by Lievore Altherr Molina is about the needs of children. The child Lottus XS collection is colorful, versatile and functional. ENEA was born in 1984 with the objective to offer a contemporary design product to fit for all types of spaces: private interiors, offices, hospitality, auditoriums, conference rooms, etc. During all these years ENEA has understand the importance also to develop furniture that match the sizes, colours, materials and needs of the kids. The result was the child Lottus XS collection grown for children. Architects and interior designers have designed in the past years colourful, modern and funny spaces for kids (bedrooms, schools, nursery schools, play centres, library, bookshops, waiting areas, etc.) using furniture developed specially for them. The child Lottus XS chair, which can match if necessary with the table XS, are part of the Lottus program designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. It’s a collection developed for children and to be use in public spaces as libraries, schools, nursery schools, play centre, etc., as well as for home spaces. The chair is produced in 3 different stages with different finish options. The design allows it to be mounted on several painted or chrome metal tube structures in a recycled injected polypropylene bench available in 10 standard colours and easy to clean. The shells can be single-coloured or combined. Source: ENEA Read more news related Enea published at Infurma Read more news related Lievore Altherr  Molina published at Infurma Visit the new Enea website
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