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Cevisama Lab Ceramic Design and Bath Design Awards already have winners

The multidisciplinary jury composed of renowned professionals in the field of design, architecture, journalism and the company has announced the winning projects, among we can find tiles that change color, versatile pieces or coatings for exterior lighting. In Category A, corresponding to 'Ceramic products formed by pressing semidry', the winner with a prize of 3.000 euro has been the designer Laura Alejandre, Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, for its tile SI. This is a project that allows different tile varieties according to their position and distribution of the jury highlighted "its simplicity, elegance, possibility of combining color and, like its ease of industrialization". In this category, second prize, endowed with 1.800 euros, has been for University CEU Cardenal designers, Herrera David Galvan and Patricia Elena Beser, which submitted 'Atlas', a module that offers a versatile ceramic frame with six positions to create a maze-like pattern. Meanwhile, in Category B, belonging to 'Ceramic products formed by other methods', The jury awarded the first prize, endowed with 3.000 euros, to Sergi Cabanas, International University of Catalonia, by 'Arpi', "A traditional piece that adapts to new tastes and functionality within the current architecture". This project re-sizes the traditional use of the ceramic on the outside with a game that lets you create interesting ground cover or lighting supports. The second prize, endowed with 1.800 euros, has traveled, in this category, Poland for work Karolina Bednorz, of The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Arts and Design de Wroclaw and his project 'More Light', an innovative reflective ceramic proposal to provide more lighting and dark alleys. Finally, in the category of 'Bathroom Design' and under the theme of this edition 'Bath time' in which children are the stars, the jury awarded the first prize and 3,000 euros to the project 'Magic in the Bath ', the group of designers from the University CEU Cardenal Herrera formed by Maria de la O Martínez, María Salar, María Josefina Fernández y Borja Sánchez. It is about tiles that change color on contact with water causing a fun and challenging game with the children. For the jury, is a proposal that "opens new ways and possibilities to develop in the ceramic field." The jury highlighted globally creativity of the projects and their sustainability. This group of experts selected by Cevisama was formed by Roberto Zancán, Deputy Director of the International Journal DOMUS, and Kumi Furio, industrial designer and co-founder of Limoceramics. Likewise jurors have been the new president of the College of designers and interior of Valencia (CDiCV), Miguel Sanchez, and President of the College of Architects of Valencia, Luis Sendra. Last, have joined this select group Javier Mira, Alicer coordinator, the area of ​​design and architecture at the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), and Felix Gascón, ceramics signature Azteca. New Contest: Ceramic Street Furniture On the other hand, this year has joined the Design Contests Cevisama new recognition: Ceramic Street Furniture Design Award, promoted by the City of Onda. Two Onda neighbors, Pascual and Luis Herrero Bort, were the winners of this first call, that will pay out a total of 4.500 euros. The winning idea, under the name "Color Lines", presents ceramic furniture, as park benches. In second position has been Catalan Roger Rodriguez-Revenga, with its proposal "Ceramic Bank". Projects submitted to different Cevisama Design Contests will be presented in the course of the contest, specifically in Hall 3 del Level 2 Feria Valencia. The Awards ceremony elevate the Ceramic Design Contests and Bath Design, Ceramic Competition and Street Furniture, be held on 7 February at 13 hours Cevisama, in the exhibition area of ​​the sample Trans-milestones (central distributor, nivel 2). Source: Cevisama Read more news related Cevisama published at Infurma Visit the Cevisama website
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