BUFF by Karl Andersson & Söner, a collection of retro style tables made of HI-MACS®

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"Create furniture with a strong identity and a unique character that survive the passing trends", this is the ambition pursued by the prestigious Swedish firm Karl Andersson & Söner. Characteristics that are clearly reflected in the BUFF tables. HI-MACS_BUFF_041Designed by Joel Karlsson, BUFF is a set of tables of different sizes. They are composed of a resistent top made with HI-MACS® and strong wood legs with conical shape, very characteristic of the Scandinavian design, that highlight the curve appearance of the whole piece. HI-MACS_BUFF_01The solid surface boards are available in various shapes and colours: pure white, off-white, blue sky, sand and brown toast, soft tones to complement different environments. The thin, but strong legs, that elevate the structure provide them with a slim look. These can be found in solid ash, birch, oak or walnut wood. The great appeal of these tables, with a 50’s air, lies in the fact that it creates an optical illusion. Depending on the side from which they are observed it shapes changes, giving them a slight sense of movement. HI-MACS_BUFF_03HI-MACS_BUFF_02The challenge arising from Karl Anderson & Söner was to create a strong and unbreakable table. Joel Karlsson found the solution presenting his idea of a lasting piece of board with solid wood legs. The designer opted for HI-MACS® due to its many properties, especially for its durability and resistance. Moreover, thanks to its extraordinary thermoformability, it is possible to take any form with it. As a non-porous and without visible seams material it is very pleasant to the touch, as well as hygienic and easy to clean. If the surface is damaged, it is also easy to repair. HI-MACS_BUFF_05These clean and rounded lines tables combine the simplicity, functionality and elegance that characterizes the Scandinavian design of Karl Andersson & Söner. Since 1898 the manufacturer commitment is "well-made furniture designed to last". The new generation solid surface fits perfectly with these high quality standards. With BUFF it is demonstrated once again that the furniture made of HI-MACS® offers truly contemporary forms in trendsetters colors. Source: HI-MACS® Photos: © Karl Andersson & Söner Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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