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Bruno and Roundish, the newest collections by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa for maruni Japanese company

Together with Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison, Japanese company Maruni has a goal of creating wooden furniture with timeless design that will be used and enjoyed for many years. As a result, their furniture has been critically acclaimed both in Japan and internationally, and is carried in 39 stores in 25 countries around the world (*as of December 2013). This year, Maruni introduces a new collection of living items, in collaboration between these two designers that lets you experience the appeal of wood. Superior seating comfort is achieved through woodworking and upholstery techniques that are only possible by Maruni. Along with the newly designed sofas, we have added a few ranges of Kvadrat fabric on our selection. Furthermore, We are happy to announce additional variations in our dining items and the introduction of ash, a very expressive wood material. Roundish Sofa Concept / Naoto Fukasawa Read more news related Naoto Fukasawa published at Infurma The Roundish collection originally started with dining items. Why not add something for the living room to it, maybe a sofa, inheriting the same design concepts? Sit on either end of the sofa facing slightly inward. The puffy roundish shape fits your back with perfect comfort. You can lean back deeply with your arms on the back of the sofa, or you can sit on the corner and enjoy the sensation of your body and arms being completely wrapped around. The armchair and corners of the sofa both provide a feeling of a perfect fit and encased comfort of being wrapped around. The sofa can be combined with a round low table. Add a mellow touch to your living room. Bruno Concept / Jasper Morrison Read more news related Jasper Morrison published at Infurma A sofa made by Maruni should obviously involve wood in the structure. I decided that apart from the loose cushions the frame should be completely in wood except for the mesh below the cushions where a little extra comfort is needed. The sofa gets it's dynamic appearance from the side structures where the armrest makes bridges across the angled front and back legs, which are held together by the angled seat rail. The sitting comfort is a result of carefully consider seat and backrest angles and seat height. The combination of selected fabric or leather with the ash or oak wood structures gives the sofa a visual freshness. Information by courtesy of Maruni Photographs: Yoneo Kawabe Read more news related Maruni published at Infurma Visit the Maruni website
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