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Bold Chair, the 100% recycled cardboard seat by Sanserif Creatius, selected for Ecofuture International Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

The seat of Sanserif Creatius by Depas is the only Spanish project included in the Ecofuture international exhibition organized by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi). The former aim of EcoFuture is to educate younger generations on key factors for a sustainable future and to promote engagement with environmental and health issues with a learning experience that is interactive, educational and fun. The exhibition runs for a year at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island. In this thought-provoking, interactive exhibition, visitors will engage with some of the most important issues facing humans today, including global resources, healthy living, climate change and other options for a sustainable future. That's the reason why Storylab and the TCA Abu Dhabi have selected the Bold Chair, developed in 100% recycled corrugated cardboard by Sanserif Creatius, as a model of habitat trends that will shape the coming decades, where new materials will be recovered for the domestic and work places, but always with respect for the environment, efficient production and aesthetics. In fact, Bold Chair is a precursor of this philosophy, which has given rise to a large family of complementary products in recycled and recyclable cardboard, from the recreation of the traditional Grandfather Clock (GrandPa) to lamps with efficient lighting systems (Canesu or Lumbrera), modular sets (Duduá or Prejudice) or frameworks for home-cinema (MyScreen), and other proposals.

GrandPa Clock






Although these products are only an approximation of the working philosophy of Sanserif Creatius that usually transcends this material (Cardboard) and, based on traditional techniques and crafts, reinvent the eco-design approaches and the common uses of the materials to giving rise an entire collection of pieces. For example, a collection of pieces for a glassware (Wineries) starting with a simple bottle of wine, a shell-shaped bags made with almond paste, or reinventing the traditional use of a clamp developing a fastening system for a music scroll. Ecofuture exhibition is divided into six sections including Drinking, Eating, Enjoying, Moving, Building and Future City, which all look at how changing climates and resources could affect people’s lives. The journey through the exhibition will be guided by four lively characters - Yas, Moza, Ali and Sara. With them, visitors will explore new places to find water for a future city, will sit down to eat with other visitors and trade food for dinner, explore shopping in the future, check out new vehicle technologies in a racing game and even design their future Abu Dhabi homes. The result of visitors’ decisions will be revealed in the Future City at the end of the exhibition. Source: Sanserif Creatius Read more news related Sanserif Creatius published at Infurma Visit the Sanserif Creatius website
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