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Boca do Lobo presents the new Coolors collection piece, PALACE, a travel back in time that carry you to a royal environment

Palace of Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo is inspired in the 17th century a classicism coaches, that use to carry the most important princesses in history. This is a delicate piece with a strong presence that transports us to a distant time. Its frame surrounds four glass panes, supported by a base that emphasizes the spirit of the piece. Elegantly crafted from mahogany this piece displays windows on all four sides. w: 137 cm | 53, 9" d: 61cm | 24,0" h: 225 cm | 88, 6"   Boca do Lobo | Exclusive Design is a furniture design Brand that amazingly combines the old techniques and arts of working wood and gives them a futurist and twisted re-interpretation. A great team of Designers and Artisans working together is what makes Boca do Lobo products authentic pieces of art.
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