Be Wood by Francesc Rifé for Dynamobel. A sinuous, organic, contemporary language creating warm atmospheres

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Without losing sight of the brand’s past, but seeking a new take on things, Dynamobel has come up with the Be Wood seating collection by Francesc Rifé
Exploring the ultimate possibilities of the range, a varied programme of chairs, all breathing the same air, has been created around the ideal of a wooden backrest and legs. 
Using a sinuous, organic, contemporary language, the design intends to reinforce the new approaches to office space, maximising comfort in the environment and creating warm atmospheres. 
Also perfect for residential use and social settings, this Dynamobel programme is born of uniting the work of true craftsmen and a delicate industrial process, each piece refined to become the purest expression of the brand. Be Wood comes with several backrest options and a range of seat widths and heights, its final identity depending on the choice of fabric and legs. 
A man whose life is devoted to design, Francesc Rifé (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona, 1969) brings his ideal of balance and simplicity to Dynamobel. With their clean, refined style, the new designs in the Be Wood and Fan collections mark the start of a close partnership: “The pieces reflect the visual language of the studio to perfection. They are sensible, timeless, versatile designs,Rifé tells us. They also herald the Navarrese company’s new creative line, which aims to transform the office into a friendlier, more comfortable place. “Ever since my earliest days learning the trade, I’ve admired Dynamobel as one of the furniture companies most committed to R&D. That technical vision is now progressing towards a warmer, more plural world in which the products need to serve more than one function,” the interior designer’s words point towards Be Wood, a solid, oak-based collection, carried off in different shapes and heights. “Each piece is unique and able to with stand the test of time,” he adds. “The soul of the collection lies in its forms. It has an ergonomic design which accommodates the user obligingly”. Its smooth contours also make it the perfect range for the home. 
Source: Francesc Rifé Studio 
Photos by David Zarzoso 
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