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Bai, Alo and Bob. The newest chairs by Ondarreta Contract

The Spanish design company, Ondarreta Contract, has been on tour for the imm cologne in Germany, Maison&Objet in France and the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in Sweden, introducing their new collections. Latest from this innovative company are the collections Bai by Ander Lizaso, Alo by Gabriel Teixidó and Bob, by Nadia Arratibel (Ondarreta Team). Alo - Design Gabriel Teixidó Elegance, lightness and simplicity come together in this family designed by Gabriel Teixidó. Thanks to its wide range (stackable chairs and armchairs including stools) it can be the perfect choice for decorating any space. The “air” between the wooden body and the surrounding structure distinguishes the essence of the ALO family. Full of respect, the junction between the two materials gives them an inevitable timelessness. Bai - Design Ander Lizaso SCANDINAVIAN CLASSIC ICONS REMINISCENCE The combination of classic and contemporary features has been the leitmotif of his young designer Ander Lizaso. The seat morphology has been inspired by classic mid-century Scandinavian designs being Saarinen one of the biggest inspirations. BAI has a original wooden structure in which a upholstered body settles. The structure plays with crossed legs that extend to the subtle curved armrests. The body’s organic both concave and convex geometry gathers gently the human anatomy. This family, begining quietly with a wooden chair will be completed with a broader product family, with its metallic version, pedestal chair, stool or armchair. Bob. Design Nadia Arratibel | Ondarreta Team NATURAL, COSY, CONTEMPORARY The organic softness of nature inspires the shapes of the BOB family, a gentle, pleasant chair where you can relax in perfect harmony. Inspired by Nordic designs, the curved style of BOB enhances the warmth and beauty of its materials. Source: Ondarreta Contract Read more news related Ondarreta published at Infurma Visit the Ondarreta Contract website
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