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ARLEX presents the new catalog FEEL, a versatile proposal designed by guimeràicinca

Versatile and multipurpose, Feel is the ARLEX new proposal designed by guimeràicinca to create more friendly work environments both atwork and at home, and collective spaces. FEEL is based in functional, ergonomic and aesthetic criteria. It is a table with its own character, inspired both in nature and the avant-garde architecture, which bears in mind the contemporary users emotions and necessities. In spite of its delicate forms, lightweight and slender, both its invisible tree like structure and the high quality of its finishes guarantee its rigidity and stability. FEEL maintains the structural strength of the contract version adding new sizes and finishes to the existing office furniture. The FEEL tables aesthetics adapt thir functionality to different types of interiors, for work or domestic, public or private, whether isolated, in group or as a result of continuous solution. When placed in a house it adapts to whatever space we desire (dinning room, kitchen, office, studio, etc.) It is also adequate for communities, public establishments or companies (cafeterias and restaurants, hotels, company dinning rooms, dormitories, libraries, etc.) When used in working places the incisions on the table top provide it of a singular character as well as enabling a tidy solution for lamp or computer cables. ARLEX is a market reference as a manufacturer of high quality furniture for housing and one of the leaders in the office furniture and divisory walls systems field of the European market. guimeràicinca is a studio design from Barcelona with powerful results based on formal restraint, but with extreme details that provoke a second reading of their objects. Visit the Arlex website Visit the guimeràicinca website Visit the Arlex sheet at Infurma
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