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Alegre Industrial Studio designs two bike stands for Japanese company Katzden Architec Inc.

Spanish studio Alegre Industrial created two bike stands for for Japanese company Katzden Architec Inc, which specialises in the manufacture of metal products, particularly staircases, railings and street furniture. Thanks to this collaborative project, our two companies have had the chance to share their knowledge and gain an insight into the other's culture and work  method. Katzden was looking for a European design studio with extensive experience in the European market, a studio that knew how to capture the continent's style and values and which had a good knowledge of the required production processes. The collaboration has given Alegre Industrial Studio the opportunity to incorporate new Japanese techniques into its work methods. These have led to significant improvements in manufacturing efficiency, product sustainability and the simplicity of each project. Other details like making it easier to install, maintain and clean the products were also considered. The results of this first collaborative project are Cesta and Sit Bike, two bike stands for public areas as well as private use. CESTA: the perfect support for bicycles The design of the Cesta, a stand for supporting and parking bicycles, arose from a reflection on the efficient use of urban bicycle stands. Alegre Industrial Studio was looking to design a product which, in the context of people and their environment, would be able to adapt perfectly to the space for which it is designed. Cesta arose from the idea of a V shape that would embrace the bicycle and adapt to all possible wheel types. It has an agreeable organic design that is completely unobtrusive as a piece of urban furniture. Furthermore, its installation is very simple: three mechanical screws drilled directly into the ground. It has been designed for easy cleaning, with open components that prevent the accumulation of dirt on the interior and with a drain. On top of all this, Cesta is also modular so it cuts down on space, making it ideally suited for installing in public spaces. Thus instead of leaving 600 mm between bikes, they can be positioned at 300 mm intervals, an excellent feature that facilitates its installation in all kinds of places, especially very heavily transited areas such as offices, parks, hotel entrances and railway or Metro stations. We can also imagine it being used in a domestic context: small, stylish, simple to install and only taking up a small amount of space. Perfect for storing and supporting bikes, this is a versatile, simple and efficient product. With industrial production at the forefront of our minds, Cesta was developed for streamlined production – with no welding and just one cut-and-fold action, we have the finished product. This means it can be manufactured in stainless steel for optimal production and a perfect finish. This is a product that has been designed from an industrial perspective: making best use of the materials, optimizing costs, using 100% recyclable materials and minimizing as far as possible the wastage of materials and energy in the manufacturing process. A product designed to last and to adapt to all kinds of bicycles. In short, a product based on Japanese values: efficient, eco-friendly, compact and making optimized use of materials. Sit Bike: the addition of uses for a bicycle How many times have we come by bike to a park and we could relax and park the bike in the same place? With the aim of solving this problem is designed Sit Bike a dynamic procduct and generates modular allowing different applications. Serves as bike parking, but also to support and even as a bench to rest. And all this occurred with minimal use of resources possible and optimizing its production as much as possible. Designed to give various uses, Sit Bike allows bike to get a space, park it or support it, and directly have a place to sit. Furthermore, decoratively is a very careful, with an elegance that enhances public spaces. With great versatility in positioning, can combine it to create spaces that allow us also to park the bike, talks, support it against the wall or simply rest. Is a piece of optimal dimensions for production: three metal without welding processes, allows in the case that a part is damaged, it can be easily reset. Its rigid conformation with little material allows, we can fill a lot of volume. Even the design is intended for the creation and securing of the wheel does not allow your dirt rubbing the bank or the user, in the same way that the rounded shapes a child can prevent damage to one of its angles. The ease of installation and economical price of manufacture are also part of the result of this design perfect for all spaces. And as in all Alegre Industrial Studio’s designs, again, has prioritized the industrial process when making their design, considering maximum productive efficiency: maximum utilization of materials, cost optimization, use of recyclable metals 100 %, minimum possible environmental impact and less waste material and energy possible in their creation. Source: Alegre Industrial Studio Read more news related Alegre Industrial Studio published at Infurma Visit the Alegre Industrial Studio website
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