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Actiu presents the new customized chair STAY, and UKA, fun, versatile and easy to stack

Actiu shows its last two proposals designed by Marcelo Alegre: STAY, a new concept of chameleon chair that the user can adapt completely to your tastes and needs, and UKA, fun, versatile and easy to stack. Moreover, Stay has been selected at the Delta Awards 2013 shortlist for the best design of the year. If we can customize our clothes and tune our car, Why can ́t we adapt our work chair to our tastes and make it more comfortable and personal? A team reflection by Marcelo Alegre, from AlegreIndustrial Studio, for the design of the new chair STAY for Actiu. From the beginning, STAY has been designed so that the user can play with a range of options that vary depending on the system of arms (fixed, elevated, rotating or moving), the lumbar support system, the up holstery of the seat, plastic or aluminium base, as well as the colour of the structure. With lumbar adjustment, there are four positions, three types of castors, technical and breathable fabrics for the back and the seat, carefully designed ergonomics and very competitive to make STAY one of the most complete chairs in its range. According to Marcelo Alegre, “STAY is an innovative product for its high mouldable capacity. The users can adjust the chair, introduce improvements and accessories, personalize it in a way that until now has only been known in the car industry”. Furthermore, STAY incorporates a new advanced synchrony system which automatically adapts itself to the users weight. This advance, along with the height of the back, somewhat higher than usual, gives it a much more comfortable use. One of the main premises of the design of STAY is its efficiency. An efficiency that reflects in many aspects: firstly, it is adaptable and affordable for everybody, high quality and competitive. Moreover, the design of the production process is defined by reducing the maximum impact on the environment of the chair: from the materials, transport, packing....everything was studied to optimize the use of raw materials and reduce waste in the fabrication process. In fact, STAY is a chair where more than 50 % of the materials used are recyclable”, confirms Marcelo. One of the objectives of Actiu is the constant R&D investment to provide our products with the most advanced design and engineering. All of our products as well as projects, before being launched into the market, are presented in a testing phase before a prescription sector (architects, interior designers, managers of large accounts...) a very important process for the involved departments and in this way gives us the opportunity to improve, get opinions and therefore satisfy the real needs of the users. UKA, design and functionality UKA is a chair created for communities, fun, functional and very visual which has found her place amongst her older sisters, other more sophisticated and technologically advanced models. It ́s designer Marcelo Alegre from AlegreIndustrial Studio tells us, “at that time we were looking for a chair with a concept which we could use, install and share in any environment to use. UKA is an innovative and attractive design which fits in any space and with easy storage, due to the design which allows you to stack the chairs to occupy the least space possible.” And so we have the UKA, a versatile, light and easy to store chair (up to the height of five with protectors), flowing lines and avant guard. “Under the simplicity of the design, hides a highly technical product, achieved by its monoblock construction, along with a high resistant metal structure for intensive use” highlights Marcelo Alegre. Alegre has achieved a balanced chair in terms of design, functionality, resistance and cost, which provides without doubt its great attraction. “With UKA every detail has been taken care of. We have looked to awaken new senses of the user, pleasant to touch and sight. Ultimately, we wanted a space after a while which was entertaining, pleasant and enjoyable”, concludes the designer. UKA comes in five different models; four legs, four legs with castors, gas elevation and benches with a colour range of nine colours (grey, dark grey, blue, light blue, red, black, orange, pistachio and beige) A whole range of options which still makes each model more acceptable to its destination. Furthermore, its polypropylene frame with ergonomic fibre glass transpiration holes, will provide a comfortable texture giving perfect lumbar support. And as in all designs by AlegreIndustrial Studio they have taken into account that production which will have the least impact on the environment. “UKA is made from 100 % recyclable materials, has a guarantee of use which certifies a longer product life, has easy maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, the whole production process has been designed to optimize the processes and consume the least energy possible” says Marcelo Alegre. Source: Actiu Read more news related Actiu published at Infurma Visit the Actiu website Visit the Actiu sheet at Infurma
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