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A Red Dot Design Award for Ossidiana, designed by Mario Trimarchi for ALESSI

The international Jury Red Dot been given the title 'Red Dot for high quality of design' to OSSIDIANA coffee machine, which debuted in the Alessi catalog in autumn 2014.

The Sicilian designer Mario Trimarchi, who probably found his inspiration in the volcanic landscape of his homeland, commented on the project: "Lately I have been very interested in sculpture. The kind of sculpture that subtracts matter from a solid block to discover the hidden forms within. I began from a cylindrical volume, eliminating the superfluous scales of aluminum one after another, in order to arrive at a coffee maker that was like an architectural sculpture, one that felt good your hands while it was being unscrewed. Flint, the material of our first recorded ancestral tools, was also used in this way, by subtraction, taking material away. "Ossidiana" suggests a new kind of ergonomics for household objects and its form observes us, mysterious and timeless."

Available in 6, 3 and 1 cup sizes, OSSIDIANA is in aluminium casting and thermoplastic resin.

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