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A jury of first level for CevisamaLab Design Awards

Ceramic Design Awards and Bath Design CevisamaLab will in its next edition with a multidisciplinary jury composed of professionals of prestige in the field of design, architecture, journalism and the company that will be responsible for evaluating the projects submitted to design competitions for the next edition of Cevisama, to be held 5 to 8 February at Feria Valencia. These include Roberto Zancán, Deputy Director of the International Journal DOMUS, and Kumi Furio, industrial designer and co-founder of Limoceramics. Jurors are also the new president of the College of designers and interior of Valencia (CDiCV), Miguel Sanchez, and President of the College of Architects of Valencia, Luis Sendra. Last, integrate this select group Javier Mira, Alicer coordinator, the area of ​​design and architecture at the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), and Felix Gascón, in representing enterprise-specific, Azteca-signature. As explained Javier Mira, "Creativity is valued project, either formal or functional, and sustainable aspects ". Moreover, the jury appreciated "projects that incorporate in their approach the latest ceramic industry". Similarly, in the words of Kumi Furio, "Shall take into account aspects of innovation, offers improvements over existing products in the market and environmental sustainability ". In paragraph sets Ceramic Design, as in previous, two modes: ceramic products formed by semi-dry pressed ceramic products formed by other methods. In Bathroom Design, This year's motto is "Bathtime", with children as protagonists. Creativity will be valued, configuration spaces fun yet safe and adapted to the needs of smaller. Both Ceramic Design Bathroom Design as enrolled students may participate in any school of Design, Fine Arts, Architecture and Engineering, national and international, and graduate students and master. We also can make in the course graduates 2012. Registration applications can be downloaded from the website of the event ( and can be sent to the next 28 of dicofmbre. The deadline for receipt of projects is the 15 January 2013. Source: Cevisama Read more news related Cevisama published at Infurma Visit the Cevisama website
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