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3MOODS, the versatile furniture piece by Unamo Design Studio, has launched its crowdfunding campaign in #indiegogo

The design company UNAMO design studio has launched it´s crowdfunding campaign in #Indiegogo to get founds to improve it´s international visibility. Their aim is to go to international trade fairs such as Milan or Paris to show it´s designs. 3MOODS is the protagonist of it´s campaign. A piece of furniture that has already won the Finalist Prize in the international design #Launchbox contest. Here you can see its campaign:

Humberto Navarro; founder: “We believe in our product, but we need to share it with everyone; for that reason we have to go to international trade fairs, exhibitions, Pop-Up Stores…” 3MOODS. It´s a piece of furniture that can be transformed into a sofa, single bed, chaise longue, table and desk. #all_in_one. A unique furniture that it´s been featured in a lot of mass media in Asia.

“We are a design studio focused in searching solutions for current problems such as lack of space at home, our goal is improve your quality of life. We design convertible furniture that fits to every space, versatile, adaptable and confortable pieces that make you  enjoy your home. - H. Navarro. ENTER AND SEE THE CAMPAIGN: Source: UNAMO Read more news related Unamo published at Infurma Visit the UNAMO design studio website
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