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Welcome to the palace of festivities! Welcome to DECOoh! Brussels 2012

Light and playful, even a little frivolous here and there. This is the atmosphere that will typify the next edition of DECOoh! . The surprising trade fair for interior and exterior decoration will remain in a festive mood, even after the end of year celebrations. A new spring, a new story. DECOoh! stimulates the senses. DECOoh! inspires. Discover it at BRUSSELS EXPO from Sunday 5 till Wednesday 8 February 2012. Welcome! Take the plunge! Visit DECOoh! and enter the realm of the senses. Feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting: you’ll notice this when walking through palaces 3, 8, 9 and the Patio. Feast your eyes at Inspirations Square. Discover the trend styles in a personal interpretation of art director Siegrid Demyttenaere. Also pop by the fragrant herb gardens and see how Siegrid and renowned florist Lieve Buysse have interpreted trends in horticulture. Experience the power of light at the ‘LIGHT & REFLECTION’ exhibition, an impressive realisation at the centre of Inspirations Square. Explore the festive themes and admire the contemporary designs of the five spotlighted DECOoh! designers. There will be Innovation Awards again, nine to be exact. Each for objects that really stand out, the creations that perfectly reflect current trends. Have had a close look at everything? Then relax in the wellness room at DECOoh! and enjoy beneficial, wonderful products. Here comes the bride! You’re up for it again, ready for the party! Nothing fires the imagination as much as the happiness of bride and groom on their day. Wedding bells are also ringing at DECOoh!, with the ‘Just Married’ island full of gift tips, party trends and wedding table designs as part of the school competition, which can all be seen at Inspirations Square. The demonstration zone in the patio will be an even more active platform than at the previous edition with, among others, a green catwalk for a delightful marriage defile through the ‘garden of senses’. Including wonderful bouquets and flowers arrangements, which goes without saying! Between art and… decoration! Can you smell it? The subtle, natural fragrances of flowers and plants in the Flower zone? The invigorating perfumes of the wonderful bouquets created by both established as well as new talents of the DECOoh! florists? Jill Ceulemans is one of these promising florists who will be getting spotlighted at DECOoh!.  On the demonstration platform, well-known florists will be working with greenery and decorative elements. For the first time DECOoh! will also be welcoming stylists from other sectors, as these talents also enjoy working with  floral and decorative touches. On the pretext of ‘Let Art in’ DECOoh! will suggest the integration of art in shops. After all, unique art objects can definitely provide added value to each point of sale! And now … hop, time for a voyage of discovery along our exhibitors! There are also plenty of novelties at their wonderful stands. In and outdoor, Decoration, Gifts, Flowers & Design … is what DECOoh! is all about. Web of DECOoh! Images from DECOoh! 2011
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