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Studiòvo designs the kitchen and dining room of a cozy apartment on the hills of Tuscany

Scenic, romantic and evocative. Are the rolling hills of Tuscany, and in particular, those of Lucca, whose stage of this intimate home kitchen and dining room were designed by Studiòvo. Modernity and simplicity the guidelines followed by designers Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli, which have focused on the prominence of natural materials - such as wood oak - combined with soft and bright colors. The interior of the house, with its authentic simplicity, seems to blend with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, thanks to the generous glass wall, leaving the look free to admire the green fields all around. The environment, with its surface of 30 sqm, is dominated by clean lines and soft colors - white, ivory and cream in the first place - with a small riot of color, donated by the beautiful red suspension Le Soleil by Foscarini. Handcrafted by a local carpenter, the kitchen in light oak is defined in its purity by wood seats signed by Pedrali. And if the beams on the ceiling recall the architecture of the traditional "farms" of Tuscany, is the choice of the total white Corian DuPont surfaces for the island, the kitchen and the lift to return a contemporary feel to the whole environment. Clear and sincere design combined with a breathtaking views make this home a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Source: Studiòvo Photos: Giorgio Leone Read more news related Studiòvo published at Infurma Visit the Studiòvo website
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