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Sitting Bull, HI-MACS® brings elegance to the far west. A design by Islé Phippaz for Kil Codig

Designed by Islé Phippaz for the Swiss brand Kil Codig, Sitting Bull lounge chair is a sculptured aerial nest to lie in with extraordinary dimensions and an imposing appearance. It is made from steel and completely covered by solid surface HI-MACS®, fully suitable for inside and outside due to its UV light and weather conditioned resistance. The concept of the project was to create an object inspired by emotion and presented in an unexpected yet sculptural and elegant way-- at the same time, the goal was to have the emblematic figure become meaningful. Sitting Bull is a tribute to an Indian warrior – a Sioux tribal chief who was also a holy man, its form was conceived through exploring the dualities between body and soul.  Its metaphorical shape is a hybrid of a bull and a bird, unifying the concepts of strength and lightness.  This is reinforced through interaction with the object, catching one’s attention through its unusual size and visual impact, while at the same time for those who lay in the horns offering them the feeling as though they were “floating” in the air. When creating Sitting Bull, the designer and the fabricators from B2E had to overcome limitations to find the points of balance, stability and flexibility for the horns. It was not an easy job as the 3 meter length needed to bear the weight of over 200 kg - with no central support – furthermore the raw materials tend to bend when under such strain. The solution came easily to the designer: “We needed a product allowing us a maximum of ease with the length and curve characteristics. In terms of shape moulding and assembling of the parts, HI-MACS® offers infinite flexibility and therefore total freedom on the creative side.” The structure was ultimately made of heavy steel, tough and well-grounded, and the whole structure was fully covered with thermoformed HI-MACS®. The material also provided some important features to the project in terms of aesthetics thanks to a wide choice of colours and finishing variations, from very shiny to matt. The ‘touch and feel’ sensation is so pleasant that accessorizing is not necessary to lay comfortably in it. “Before finding out about HI-MACS® I thought I might have to make compromises, but in fact I had one material matching all the requirements and even enlarging the scope of possibilities. As a designer, it is very inspiring to know that there is a material that  can stand up to the wildest creative ideas!" concludes the designer. Source: HI-MACS® ©Photography by Grégory Tachet Read more news related HI-MACS® publisehd at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website Visit the Kil Codig website
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