Simple lines, connected together, in the new collection designed by edeestudio for Alfombras Veo Veo

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Connect is the name of the collection of carpets designed by edeestudio for Alfombras Veo Veo. A collection designed for public spaces, where the apparently simple motifs of the collection help to dress the space, offering a visual comfort without interfering with the elements of the space. 


The five designs in the collection (cell, linde, kolme, plug and mika) adapt to the space offering the possibility of being used both in the manufacture of printed carpets and hand-woven carpets in Europe. 
CELL. These are prisms connected together, connected by their corners. With organic forms, and superposed. The connection of the hexagonal cells and their organic aspect conveys continuity, connectivity. 
LINDE. Different hexagonal prisms, randomly arranged, are creating new forms, new boundaries as if they were plots. These capricious parcels are the ones that give rise to this carpet. 
KOLME. Three are the corners of a triangle, Kolme shows us a set of triangles that intermingle, connect and join together within the same surface, thus drawing this rug. These small triangles in turn are connecting generating new ones bigger and complex. 
PLUG. Different overlapping shapes are the reason for this design, motive specially designed for carpets, for its wide colored surfaces. The intersection of the surfaces gives us a new tone, both in its solid design as in scratch. 
MIKA. Straight lines, arranged in a random way give shape to this design, where some of them of different color, stand out over the rest. As if we had let them fall, their disposition and the narrowness of them bring that distinctive point. Of homogeneous color, the subtle lines are the protagonists in this design apt for carpet and carpet; of simple design. 
Feria Habitat Valencia, 19-22 September Alfombras Veo Veo is present these days at Feria Habitat Valencia, where they are introducing, among other novelties, this new collection of carpets and rugs designed by edeestudio. You can find them in their Stand C4 N-2 P-2, where you can discover the Connect collection, in both carpet and printed carpet. 
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