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Sandra Tarruella Interioristas designs the new Panino Giusto restaurant in Milan with nods to Milanese Italian Design, from the 50’s to 70’s

The new Panino Giusto in San Babila, Milan, was born based on an idea following the premise that Sandra Tarruella Interioristas carried out at the first project in Largo Carrobbio, while adapting it to both, the new requirements of the client and the new location.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas explains us, Thus, the nod to Milanese Italian Design - from the 50´s through the 70´s - is still present, although more subtly than the first Panino, together with the use of Panino Giusto´s corporate colors: red, green, and white / beige tones. Hence, acquiring a combination, as in Largo Carrobbio, that helps us create an atmosphere where the customer, when entering the restaurant, can perceive and feel the essence of Panino Giusto. Besides San Babila´s project, we had three other important elements that influenced the final result: the possibility of having a covered terrace in the city center, the reuse of most of what was in the existing premises and the use of strong and resistant materials to respond to the high number of visitors. While at the same time that we reutilized existing tables, ceiling lighting, and the HVAC system, we had the priority to achieve a warm and cozy ambience. That is why we have mixed some inexpensive materials, such as porcelain stoneware tile on the flooring and the communal tables, or the reused Formica tabletops of reclaimed tables, and conglomerates of stone and resins from the bars, with fine materials such as: walnut and oak woods, a backlit onyx Wall, and iron.

The possibility of having a covered terrace made us recreate the idea of a greenhouse having very slim structural elements to get the most of natural light, and the placement of many plants to achieve a fresh, bright, and friendly ambience in the middle of the city.

Customers - after passing through the "winter garden"- are welcomed by a large bar with a display cabinet containing sausages of Panino Giusto, and are entertained by the colors and the dynamism of the show kitchen, as well as being surrounded by the green color that characterizes the walls and ceilings of the entire premises.

From there, customers can either go upstairs to the mezzanine level or downstairs to the dining room level, where the bar serving cocktails dominates the space together with the communal tables, which - with its different colors of porcelain stoneware that makes up the tabletops and the flooring beneath them- create a play of ups and downs as if it were a rug.

The reclaimed backlit onyx wall, integrated with walnut wood slats and the ceiling, and a shelf filled with products, provide brightness, warmth and color, besides escorting guests to the last most reserved and intimate space having modular tables, a large bookshelf, and a fireplace.

Project Leader: Cecilia Moret Collaborator: Núria Calderón, Anna Torndelacreu Information & images by courtesy of Sandra Tarruella Interioristas Visit the Sandra Tarruella Interioristas website Read more news related Sandra Tarruella published at Infurma
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