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reCOVER, the sustainable coat stand by Teracrea. A design by Fulguro

Teracrea is a dream come true. The dream of getting greenery – plants and “plant systems“– to play a leading role in architecture and contemporary interior design. The reCOVER rack, designed by Fulguro, is an example of this. Teracrea was set up in 2002, and since 2006 has been part of the Deroma Group. A highly structured, tangible company, and at the same time, a visionary laboratory, it provides a space where young talents of international design can compare collaborate and compete, in order to go beyond the conventional pairing up of pots and plants and imagine mind-boggling solutions in which greenery is not subordinate to space but organises it. An issue of topical interest, offering great chances to make our life better, is the Saving and Re-use of natural resources, avoiding waste of any kind in our homes, without closing an eye to through indifference. The most typical of gardening tools inspired the choice of material and established the quintessential, basic shape of this coat stand. The stand is made of beech, the wood traditionally used for this type of implement. Some branches however, have “grown” here and there, forming a sort of archetypal, minimalist, geometric tree. The top “pitchfork-shaped” tip can be placed in any plant pot. Water will naturally drip from the wet umbrellas and raincoats hung on reCOVER  enabling it to be collected and re-used. A simple, efficient system that takes its inspiration directly from nature. Source: Teracrea Visit the Teracrea website
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