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Porcelain+Vanguard: a Lladró pieces exhibition that breaks the mold, at Decorative Arts Museum

If you go through Madrid, you can not miss the retrospective Porcelain+Vanguard, you can see until September 27 at the Decorative Arts Museum. A sample of pices of the Lladró Museum with innovative finishes and cutting edge designs that reveals the pioneering Lladró that seduced from Pablo Serrano to Jaime Hayon and Paul Smith. Porcelain+Vanguard is the name of the retrospective exhibition on show at the Decorative Arts Museum in Madrid until the end of September. It includes around seventy pieces that sum up to perfection the brand’s innovative spirit over its sixty years so far, signposted by the original designs of its porcelain creations and the pioneering decorative techniques that have seduced artists of the stature of CuldeSac, Jaime Hayon and Paul Smith. Source: Lladró Read more news related Lladró published at Infurma Visit the Lladró website
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