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Pick-Up by Jakob Wagner and CrissCross by Eero Aarnio, the new living accessories by Alessi

Alessi brand has presented its Spring-Summer 2013 novelties at the Milan Design Week, among them, we highlight the new living accessories Pick-Up, designed by Jakob Wagner and CrissCross, designed by Eero Aarnio. Pick-Up, design Jakob Wagner With Jakob Wagner we have added a new designer to the Alessi catalogue and a new product to the range of living accessories. The versatile Danish designer has created a portable table, which can be easily moved around the home and is ideal for use as a magazine rack. “Pick-Up” is an expression applied to the essential forms which the designer pursues in his work; these are simple but rich in functional detail. The round surface of the table, fixed to a load-bearing structure in chrome-plated zamak, is made from thermoplastic material in white with an opaque finish. There is a spacious ergonomic recess in the centre, which makes it easy to get hold of. The magazine rack container, with a delicately rippled external surface, is made in thermoplastic and is available in transparent or translucent grey finishes. In order to make it less bulky and make it easier to transport after purchase, “Pick-Up” is sold flatpacked. Ø cm 43 - H cm 49 “CrissCross” design Eero Aarnio CrissCross” is truly a multipurpose basket. It was designed to help control domestic clutter by providing a place to collect various household items such as magazines, newspapers, cell phones, half-read books, cameras, photographs, laptops, keys, glasses, etc.. It can also be used as a fruit basket or left empty, simply to be an “eye-catcher” on a table." Eero Aarnio A pioneer in the use of plastic materials in industrial design, Eero Aarnio conceives household objects and kitchenware for Alessi that are made from materials such as stoneware ceramic and aluminium. The latter is used for “CrissCross”, a new living accessory which is small, light and spacious. The original design was hand-made in wood and despite the decision to change material the “CrissCross” multipurpose basket has retained its handcrafted character. A sizeable part of the production process involves manual steps, such as the arrangement of the bands that create the orthogonal lattice riveted on the upper edge. Using anodised aluminium, one of the lightest metals and a material that the designer hopes will resemble the lightness of wood, “CrissCross” is a versatile accessory that can be used in various areas of the home. It can be laid on a flat surface or directly on the floor, used as a spacious magazine rack, as an important centrepiece or purely as an ornamental object. “CrissCross” comes with non-scratch felt pads and is available in aluminium and black finishes. cm 51 x 51 – h cm 8 Source: Alessi Read more news related Alessi published at Infurma Visit the ALESSI website
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