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New Grupo Tenerife Flagship Store in Mexico D.F. designed by Manuel Torres Design

Manuel Torres Design is the project manager of the new store designed to GROUP TENERIFE, a Mexican company that specializes in all kinds of luxury finishes and coatings in Mexico City, with an area of ​​over 1.200 m2 for exhibition and sale public. This new selling brand exhibition space opens its doors next month of April and is located in the luxurious Masaryk Avenue # 320 (Corner Eugene Sue), known as the "Fifth Avenue" of Latin America in Mexico City’s; Luxury main commercial hub of the city in which these boutiques of the most prestigious international brands. The new Flagship Store features the latest trends in retail design and the latest cutting-edge technologies in commercial branding, thus becoming a store vanguard revolutionary and innovative abreast of the latest demands of the modern consumer. The Flagship Store reflects the essence and constitutive values ​​of the brand, providing something more: a shopping experience full of emotions. The interior design of the store was designed with the same products of finishes and coatings that are displayed and sold in the 'Flagship Store'. Thus we turn away from purely expository customer to accompany your shopping experience along the entire facility and part of it; This being transferred to a natural setting, where the play of textures, colors and lights provided by the materials themselves, wrap it in a way that recreates a dream world. On the other hand, the furniture in the store has been designed to measure, so that, through creative design and manufacturing process, we have made unique designs suited to the role and image of the company. The lighting project plays with the natural and artificial light; Artificial light enhances the uses of each area through timely and indirect light, and aims to create a light atmosphere inside the store and highlight the product in the exhibition areas. The mixture of different shades and light contribute openings play excellent color and welfare in each space.   The space has a color palette in earth tones dominate (brown and gray), next to black and white, creating an elegant, avant-garde and innovative atmosphere. Combining different textures such as marble and wood, it makes the space more dynamic. The first appetizer we found, and that shows us  that in the inside we stumble with unconventional retail experience is a multimedia installation that extends along the facades and welcomes us. New technologies applied in the design of the facade are natural to experience a unique, authentic and memorable brand suppliers, such as GROUP TENERIFE. This type of commercial space and implemented technologies within and outside the point of sale opens up the possibility of new experiences that lead to consumers to see the establishment of GROUP TENERIFE as a place where they can feel free to observe, touch products, interact with others, including, without feeling pressured by the obligation to purchase an item. The space is divided into four plants distributed in a museum concept which includes: twenty three clearly differentiated areas of exposure and furnished according to the exposed material; seven windows and materioteca, a library materials that  it offering different options for consultation and interaction with endless material and natural lighting that provides an ideal environment for architects, designers and individual work. It also has a central table lit to check the effect on marble and onyx materials that can be backlight; space elevator, triple height, with glass walkways on the floor; ; three halls and transition zones, which are made of exhibitors by a gradient of the same material at different possibilities, , making this the most enjoyable routes, a show cooking, bar, public baths, wineries, an expositive roof garden, floor to optimal retail entertainment to complement the shopping experience, y zona para eventos y exposiciones, and area for events and exhibitions. MANUEL TORRES DESIGN has reached to fit perfectly in the design of the store, trying  also to express the connection of the brand with technological innovation, creating a space designed for creating and managing a unique and exclusive experience; with the aim of identifying and qualifying a consumer who demands shopping experiences at the point of more proactive, entertaining, authentic and memorable sale MANUEL TORRES DESIGN ha buscado encajar a la perfección el diseño de la tienda, tratando de expresar también la conexión de la marca con la innovación tecnológica, creando un espacio concebido para la creación y gestión de una experiencia única y exclusiva; con el objetivo de identificar y cualificar a un consumidor que demande experiencias de compra en el punto de venta más proactivas, entretenidas, auténticas y memorables. The facade has an outdoor panoramic glass elevator with orange hue, color belonging to the brand identity of Tenerife Group; and an outer glass curtain wall on the facade of Eugenio Sue Street. Source: Manuel Torres Design Read more news related Manuel Torres Design published at Infurma Visit the MANUEL TORRES DESIGN website
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