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New DANYÉ´s MEMORIES collection

This autum DANYÉ launches the MEMORIES collection. Old recuperated chairs and fabrics, inspired by childhood memories of the artist. Handmade in Southafrica, the chairs come from old public schools and recuperated to create designer handmade chairs. For each chair sold we buy one chair and half new for needed southafrican schools. Limited editions. This southafrican artist also creates fabrics, cushions, poufs and silhouettes all with pictures and images of herself and her family at the school. Danyé Decoración C. Curia, 18 31001 Pamplona (Spain) Tel. +34 948 229 771 Read more news related Danyé published at Infurma Read the Danyé special reports published at Infurma Visit the Danyé website Visit the Danyé sheet at Infurma
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