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Miguel Herranz presents Boho-Bling at WantedDesign NYC. His new metallic chain design for KriskaDECOR

The latest design by Miguel Herranz for KriskaDECORBoho-Bling, brings the Boho aesthetic to metallic chains. The result is an evocative and sensual piece that plays on the visual impact of multi-layered chains. It can be seen from 15 to 18 May in the international design event, WantedDesign, New York.

Not only do the intertwined chains form bright and colorful compositions, they also swing freely to create harmonic and sensual movement that recalls a bling-bling sound. Bells have been added to enhance this effect and to produce a Boho look.

This system can use up to 20 colors to make multi-color and monochromatic matte or glossy compositions.

Boho-Bling is a decorative sculpture with an industrial/artisanal style that adds a bohemian atmosphere to a space, what Miguel Herranz calls “Industrial Handcraft through Design”.

The design is part of “The Ordered Chaos” line, a conceptual tool Miguel Herranz use in some projects to develop formal richness, constructive simplicity and the serene chaos of nature. Ordered chaos generates sculptural, sensual, serene and unique pieces produced with mathematical simplicity. Source: Miguel Herranz Read more news related Miguel Herranz published at Infurma Read more news related KriskaDECOR published at Infurma Visit the Miguel Herranz website Visit the KriskaDECOR website Visit the WantedDesign website
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