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Matra and Doria are new functionality and design proposals of La Mediterránea for 2013

La Mediterránea presents two new collections for 2013. Matra and Doria, produced handmade with 100% recycled glass, transmit the light, shapes, textures, aromas and colours of the Mediterranean. MATRA COLLECTION Delicate lines and elegant colours characterise this collection of jugs and jars... made from 100% recycled glass. Ideas to bring warmth to the home with natural oak lids on some of the pieces in the collection, while others use opaque black and white glass to lend a touch of sobriety to their functionality. DORIA COLLECTION Transparency and a bell-shape are the defining features of this collection which is made from 100% recycled glass. This collection does not want to hide what it is holding, turning its contents into part of the decoration. Read more news related La Mediterránea published at Infurma Visit the La Mediterránea website Visit the La Mediterránea sheet at Infurma
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