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Lladró presents The New Guest by Paul Smith. Happy, colourful and with a great sense of humor

When porcelain is allied with fashion and artistic attention to detail meets the exuberant talent of one the great names in fashion design, the result is The Guest by Paul Smith. Lladró opens its doors to the insight, positivism and sense of humour of one of the icons of the British fashion industry, to create two new Guests in the brand’s most mischievous and irreverent collection.

Lladró has mixed its tradition in and control of porcelain with the unmistakable creative world of Paul Smith. The new The Guest by Paul Smith is an invitation to take part in the creativity and sense of humour shared by the designer and the Spanish porcelain brand’s most groundbreaking collection. According to the designer: “I wanted an object that made happy any home”.

Two worlds, one vision Lladró’s ability to transform a thousand-year-old material using unique artisan processes into a myriad of decorative and functional projects already seduced Paul Smith in 2008 with The Fantasy collection, designed by Jaime Hayon for Lladró. As he says: "Lladró is impressive because all is made and painted by hand and every piece is created at their wonderful headquarters in Valencia. That’s becoming more and more rare in today’s highly computerised and mechanised world." The reworked tradition and the updating of classics Paul Smith is known for, always at the forefront of new trends, weds to perfection with the essence of Lladró, a brand constantly reinventing itself with over sixty years to its credit without ever taking its eye off the future to give new life to innovative classics. Another of the features they share in common is unquestionably their passion for detail. While in Lladró this is captured in the meticulousness with which its artists work, for Paul Smith it can be seen in the details that always hold a surprise in store. Famous for introducing colour and prints into the strict codes of English etiquette, he claims that distinction lies in the peculiarities and colours that are to be found in the tiniest of details and that then become part of the style of the wearer.

Invited to the party for The Guest by Lladró Atelier The visual appeal and inventiveness of the English designer has been mirrored artistically by the artisans at Lladró, who have put their expert hands to work to capture the wealth of his personal and creative world. They have given life to funloving characters that are invited to the party for The Guest by Lladró Atelier. Scattered with confetti and covered with cat and dog masks, these new guests are sure to make a place for themselves in a collection that welcomes them with open arms. The geometric pattern and vibrant colouring conceived by the designer give lots of character to the new versions of the singular The Guest, one of most innovative projects coming from Lladró Atelier, the brand’s laboratory of ideas. Like the rest of the pieces in the collection, the new figurines The Guest by Paul Smith come in two sizes: large (52cm tall) in a limited edition of 250 and small (30cm) in a numbered series. Like all Lladró creations, The Guest by Paul Smith pieces are the product of a meticulous artistic process that takes places entirely at The City of Porcelain, the brand’s headquarters in Valencia. From the initial sketches to the firing in the kiln at high temperatures, each step in the process in undertaken by expert hands to produce pieces of great artistic perfection that tell stories in a language all of their own. Besides going on sale in Lladró boutiques around the world and in the online store, the new The Guest by Paul Smith figurines will also be available in the designer’s stores in London, Tokyo, Paris, etc.
Lladró, a world leader in the creation and commercialisation of art porcelain, continues focusing on the coupling of porcelain and fashion, putting all its potential at the service of new collaborations with world class brands and designers. Information and images by courtesy of Lladró Read more news related Lladró published at Infurma Visit the Lladró website Visit the Paul Smith website
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