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KriskaDECOR®, a great success at IMM Cologne

KriskaDECOR has participated at IMM Cologne with a great success. Sponsoring the exclusive PURE EDITIONS LOUNGE, designed by the recognised architect Dick Spierenburg, the collaboration of KriskaDECOR does not remain anyone indifferent. The meeting point, centrally located in the Pure Editions hall, is a lounge that offers exhibitors and visitors a place to take a break. Pure is a concept of design quality, made up of high-quality products from across the entire range. This relaxed, architecturally interesting environment covered with more than 200m2 of black and brown movable, semitransparent KriskaDECOR curtains is an excellent spot for networking. With some lengths, reaching as low as the floor and some floating above the heads of visitors, create a light lively atmosphere, giving the lounge design a comfortable and sturdy fusion. A perfect combination to rest and talk. KriskaDECOR, decorative curtains for exclusive spaces KriskaDECOR is an original metal curtains brand that offers a wide range of possibilities for architecture, illuminations, interior and exterior design, with the solution to delimit or separate ambience and spaces. KriskaDECOR chains are made of small anodized aluminium links that creates a light and versatile mesh. There are infinite ways to customize the curtains: each client can choose their best colours and volume combination, creating logos, patterns or drawings, as far as the imagination can go. Information & images by courtesy of KriskaDecor Photographs by Arjan van den Berg Read more news related Kriskadecor published at Infurma Visit the KriskaDECOR website Visit KriskaDECOR sheet at Infurma
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