Jie rug collection by Neri & Hu for nanimarquina

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As one of the novelties presented by nanimarquina at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016, Jie rug collection designed by Neri & Hu takes inspiration from the tile patterns of Shanghai streets, a place where life literally happens.

jie_amb_blue_nanimarquina_Neri_and_HuThe name of the collection corresponds to Jie 街, the Chinese character that embodies the essence of a city: the constant movement, dynamism and frenetic activity. The result is an eclectic hand-tufted rug presenting different pile heights and finishes, made of 100% new wool. Jie_amb_blue_2Jie_blue_macrojie_plana_blue_200x300The character “Jie” is made up of a radical and a phonetic character. The ancient ideograms of the Chinese Jie character depicts on one side the street as an intersection, evoking “life” at the crossroads, while the center portion of the character is made up of two “earth” characters whose ideogram shows a clay on potter’s wheel... a connection to the ceramic colors used by Neri&Hu in the series.”, according to Neri&Hu. jie_amb_celadon_1jie_celadon_macrojie_plana_celadon_200x300This piece was originally created for the Das Haus installation curated by Neri&Hu at IMM Cologne 2015. The success of the rug prompted the decision to include it in the product catalogue. nanimarquina produces all rugs through artisanal techniques, leading to captivating images such as the following: jie_mof1jie_mof2jie_mof3jie_mof4Technical info: Fibre100% new wool Technique Hand tufted Density 56.000 knots/m² Total heigh 10-15 mm Weight4,5 kg/m2 Dimmensions: 170x240 y 200x300 Colours: Blue and Celadon Source: nanimarquina Read more news related nanimarquina published at Infurma Read more news related Neri & Hu published at Infurma Visit the nanimarquina website
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