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InteriorDeck Award, the international contest for interior design students

The InteriorDeck Award recognizes students for their ability and creative mind designing interiors. Over $7.500 in Prizes. The current contest is called Snow Haven, the interior design project of a house placed in the Vall d’Aran, in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. Submission deadline: Friday, 24 May 2013. This is a bi-annual award designed for interior design and architecture students -but open to any of them- that it promotes among Universities and Schools from around the world, from Canada to Australia. How does it work? At the beginning of every semester, InteriorDeck presents a project which could be a house, a restaurant, an office, etc. and ask the participants to design the interiors. The projects are always fictional; InteriorDeck creates them from scratch and also a "client" which will ask for a series of requirements that should be fulfilled by the students. To undertake the project, they have the plans in PDF and Autocad of the project, images from possible surroundings and a continuous flow of tips and advice from its Facebook and Twitter accounts. The current contest is called Snow Haven. The project to be designed is a house placed in the Aran Valley (Vall d’Aran), in the Catalan region, surrounded by 3,000-metres peaks and more than 200 lakes. It has two floors and is around 150 square meters. The participants have to carry out the design of the interiors and submit their proposals by email in a Din-A1 sheet. For every contest InteriorDeck Award has a professional jury based in the country where they have decided to place the project, Spain in this case. The jury for the Snow Haven contest is composed of four interior designers with a prolonged experience in the sector: - Galán Sobrini Arquitectos. - Paula Rosales from More&Co Studio. - Jaime de Pablo-Romero Rojas from Ynot? Studio. - Lara Blasco Díaz from Alazán Interiorismo. The awarded teams receive cash prices, subscriptions to magazines and, most important of all, promotion of their work in blogs, expositions, etc. To achieve the highest promotion possible for the students, InteriorDeck Award has a number of sponsors that support our initiative and help them in the difficult task of publishing the projects. Visit InteriorDeck Award at and join would-be interior designers from all over the world. Share your talent!
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