goW by Greenarea, spin the nature to suit your environment. New green room divider, revolving and totally customizable

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goW is the new natural room divider designed by Greenarea, a company which specializes in innovative green decor ideas, both for indoors and outdoors. 
A modular, revolving and totally customizable product which makes the best use of nature to create numberless environments within the same indoor space. 
goW divider system is composed of a panel of wooden prisms shaped like equilateral triangles, two faces of which are filled with stabilized lichen. The single pieces can be spun around to obtain multiple layouts. 
Furthermore, the finish can be customized using the colours and textures that best suit the surrounding environment, or including an image or corporate logo. The face of the wooden prism which does not contain the lichen can also be customized with any type of image or simply with the desired finish. 
With this outstandingly versatile divider panel, Greenarea brings a natural fresh touch into any indoor space – workplaces, shopping areas and residential properties alike - whenever a little more privacy is needed. 
A decorative yet functional accessory which adjusts to the needs and personality of any space. You will be able to choose between the mobile version - equipped with a base to move it around easily - or the fixe done - with a floor-to-ceiling fastening system -, or you may even want to place it in between existing walls or other solid enough wall-like elements. 
Greenarea, spaces that reach out to the nature 
Greenarea is an innovative vegetable decoration company, creative, versatile and committed to design. The project is born from our team’s wish to introduce vegetable decoration in the urban landscape, improving our customers’ quality of life with different elements. Always with the green seal Made in Spain. 
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