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Eugeni Quitllet seduces Kartell with his two new chairs Dream-Air and Cloud-io

Kartell unveils two amazing chairs designed by Eugeni Quitllet at the 2015 Furniture Fair in Milan. Dream-Air and Cloud-io symbolise the extremely lightweight design sought after by the Catalan designer who is persistent in his cause “to bring voids to the forefront. Designing the surrounding air rather than the material itself. Sculpting voids, air and light to create new objects from it…

The vaporous and glimmering Cloud-io is accompanied by the vase-o, initiating a collection that is as fresh as a daisy: ” Its drops assemble harmoniously to give shape to a chair, a table or a vase“. A new style has come to light. “A dream-inspired cloud, in a similar fashion to Claudio…” A salute to Claudio Luti who presides over Kartell’s fate!

Dream-Air is designed with the same meandering elegance, “Like a scarf in the wind, a dream suspended in the air. Dream-Air is a simple framework to capture the beauty of the body’s curve sitting in space.

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